Kurzweil Ensemble Grande in Excellent Shape

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Kurzweil Ensemble Grande in Excellent Shape
Kurzweil Ensemble Grande Electric Piano (model 10003801, s/n 5000149, manu 8607)

In good working order.
Attractive appearance with shiny sheen, except for couple of minor, inconspicuous scratches.
Original bench and manual.
Manufactured in 1986. Originally list priced at $8,000.

Features and Specifications:
• 88 weighted wooden keys with 'Velocity Sensitivity' play and feel like real acoustic piano.
• 2 pedals control sustain and soft sounds.
• 190-watt 'Spatial Perspective' sound system delivers fidelity and realism.
• Lid can be propped open to ensure robust sound.
• Record and playback. Long-life battery retains recording even after piano is turned off.
• Master controls regulate pitch and volume, even though it never goes out of tune.
• 1/4' headphone jack, audio jack, midi port
• 24 instrumental voices:
Grand Piano Rock Piano Honky Tonk
Electric Piano Bright Electric Piano Phased Electric Piano
Jazz Organ Rock Organ Theater Organ
Synth 1 Synth 2 Synth 3
Vibes Vibrato Vibes Phased Vibes
Guitar 12 String Guitar Phased Guitar
Acoustic Bass Lead Bass Phased Bass
Electric Bass Bright Electric Bass Phased Electric Bass
• Drum kit provides full range of percussion sounds.
• 6 preset and 2 programmable split keyboards play two voices at the same time.
• 12 basic rhythms with 2 variations each for a total of 36 rhythms:
Waltz March/Polka Shuffle/March
Ballad Rock Bossa Nova Fast Rock
Country Swing 1 Swing 2
Samba Rhumba Disco
• Variable rhythm volume and tempo controls.
• Metronome and rhythm fill control.
• 110VAC, 250W
• 54w x 41.5h x20d (inches)

Because of the electric nature of this item, buyer accepts condition and operation 'as is'.
Cash and local pick-up only.

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