Nordiska Baby Grand Piano (black, glossy, 5'5')

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Nordiska Baby Grand Piano (black, glossy, 5'5')
My piano is a 5'5' Nordiska baby grand with a glossy ebony finish, and I bought it new in 2001. I was extremely picky when I bought this piano, and I chose this one for its excellent action and tone. I liked it much better than the equivalent size Yamaha piano I compared it to at the time. It also is quite beautiful as well! It's been played unfortunately seldom, but as a result it's in excellent condition and doesn't have much wear (there are a few minor nicks). I've also kept the lids closed on it when not in use so it's pretty clean too. It's only been moved from the showroom into my last house, and from that house across town once in 2003 to my current house.

I really hate to sell the piano, but we're moving 2000 miles away into (probably) a smallish apartment and just can't justify or afford to keep it.

I really have to move this piano soon, so I'm asking only $5,200 but will consider other reasonable offers as well.

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