Steinway O 1916

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Steinway O 1916
We are reluctantly parting with a wonderful Steinway O that has been in our family since 1916. Both our mother and grandmother were concert pianists and this piano was their prized possession.

The piano has been tuned twice a year since the 1920¹s and was partially rebuilt in the 1970¹s, (documents available upon request), and carefully tended throughout our ownership.

Our Steinway was recently serviced by Master Technician Arlan Harris. In addition to tuning the piano, Mr. Harris raised the pitch to 440, cleaned the action and soundboard and regulated the entire top action stack. Mr. Harris also removed and replaced the action, adjusted the capstans and pedals, refurbished the bushings of the keys, reshaped, voiced and spaced the hammers, traveled and squared hammers, leveled strings, fit hammers to strings, lubricated the center pins, reset the tuning pins which increased tuning pin torque, and fully cleaned the strings.

The piano plays beautifully, with a resonant, mellow quality. It is in excellent condition inside and although the finish is not in perfect shape, it can be refinished at a future date, as is your preference.

We would like to find a good home for this piano and are willing to entertain reasonable offers

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