Rebuilt(2006) Pristine Rosewood 6'1' moving sale

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Rebuilt(2006) Pristine Rosewood 6'1' moving sale
Marvelous Steinway tone. Rebuilt recently with new Steinway action-hammers, shanks, etc.; new pins, strings, etc.. Elegant Rosewood case has been refinished and is absolutely gorgeous. Original filigree music desk.
Originally built in 1882, which means it is a modern design with duplex scale, overstrung, repeating action, etc. The legs were modernized when rebuilt. It is an 85 note piano: Model Pulitzer Prize winning composer taught Leonard Bernstein on.
We spent a year searching before settling on this instrument. As a rebuilt 6' 1' Steinway A, it is both beautiful to look at, and produces a full, classic Steinway tone (as per the Steinway dealer who voiced the hammers)
We are in the process of renovating and moving into a new home. So we must part with it.
Not interested in selling to a dealer. Private parties only.
cell is 517-580-9930, or email

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