Steinway 6'4.5

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Steinway 6'4.5
We are trying to sell the best rebuilt Steinway grands at Reasonal Prices so that Musicians can afford a high quality piano.

Steinway grands are all hand made, which means the quality of piano technicians will determine outcome of each piano.

Our technicians have all worked at the Steinway factory in the past. Combined piano rebuilding experience of our technicians is over 150 years.

In piano retail business, a mark up is 100% to pay for expensive store front; our mark up is only one-quarter of the retail. Why can we afford such a low mark up? Because we are web based home grown business.

The piano was originally built in 1926 with a serial number of 241809. It has the following new parts:

Soundboard (Alaska Sitka Spruce)
Pin Block (Delignite)
Canadian Bass Strings
Steinway Action Parts (Whippens, Shanks & Flanges)
Steinway Hammers
Key Bushings & Back Checks
Satin Ebony Finish

Call Sandy at 201 264 2053 for any questions.

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