Sherman Clay/Aeolian Du-Art Reproducing Baby Grand Piano

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Sherman Clay/Aeolian Du-Art Reproducing Baby Grand Piano
Sherman Clay/Aeolian Du-Art Reproducing Baby Grand Player Piano and Bench
Circa 1916. This piano was purchased around 1916 by my uncle who was a banker in San Francisco. It has been in the family ever since.
The piano measures 40 ¼” high by 54” wide by 63 ½” deep. The serial number is located on the cast iron harp plate near the front of the tuning pins and is Style R.R. 50899. This identifies it as an Aeolian manufactured circa 1916 according to the Pierce Piano Atlas 12th edition.
The piano plays well. The player system is not operational. The roll moves in the carrier, but the keys don’t play. We were told by a piano tuner that it just needs tubing replaced, but we can’t confirm this.
The case, lid, and keys are in good condition. The piano was refinished in 1999, and the Sherman Clay decal was not replaced.
We hate to give up this family treasure, but we are moving to a smaller place with no room for this instrument.
This also includes 83 Duo-Art rolls, and 6 standard rolls, all classical and popular music from the early 20th century. It was appraised for $3750, now being offered at a sizable discount.

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