Truly Grand Kawai

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Truly Grand Kawai
This Kawai RX-6 is truly a wonderful instrument, allowing full expression by a piano professional or any music lover.

The polished ebony cabinet is in like-new condition. This beautiful grand has been serviced by a Registered Piano Technician, and is in excellent condition overall, including soundboard, bridges, pinblock, strings, tuning pins, dampers, lyre, and pedals. Action wear is minimal, including key bushings. The only suggested repair at this time is light regulation from normal wear and tear. Voicing is bright, but could easily be voiced down if desired. The touch of the piano is at a comfortable touchweight, pitch is at A440, and torque on the tuning pins is good.

A new RX-6 lists for $59,495. It comes with a full humidity control system and matching bench. The owners must sell because they are moving to a smaller home.

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