GP178 Boston Grand designed by Steinway

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GP178 Boston Grand designed by Steinway
Just tuned, this fine instrument has been lovingly cared for, and is in perfect condition, except it is looking for someone to play and care for it. It comes with its black quilted cover.

To learn in detail how the Boston resembles a Steinway, please read the following:

From 'The Piano Book: Buying & Owning a New or Used Piano' by Larry Fine:

'Pianos made by: Kawai Musical Instrument Mfg Co., Ltd., Hamamatsu, Japan.

"In 1992, Steinway launched its Boston line of pianos, designed by Steinway & Sons and built by Kawai. Steinway's stated purpose in creating this line was to supply Steinway dealers with a quality, mid-priced piano for those customers who were not yet ready for a Steinway.'

"In choosing to have the Boston piano line made in Japan, Steinway sought to take advantage of the efficient high-technology manufacturing methods of the Japanese. But by utilizing special design features of its own creation, Steinway may have managed to elicit from Japanese pianos more musicality than is normally found in them.

"The most obvious grand piano design feature, visually, is the wide tail. Steinway says this allows the bridges to be positioned closer to the more lively central part of the soundboard, smoothing out the break between bass and treble. This, plus a thinner tapered soundboard and other scaling differences, may give the Boston grands a longer sustain...

"Quite a few features in the Boston piano are similar to those in the Steinway. Like the Steinway, Boston pianos use vertically laminated bridges for best tonal transmission and duplex scaling for additional tonal color. Also, similar to the Steinway, hammer flanges are rosette-shaped to match the action rails, which Steinway says helps to preserve hammer spacing (see Figure 4-5 on page 145). The Boston grand action design is said to incorporate some of the latest refinements to the Steinway action.

"The grands have radial bracing, which Steinway says adds strength to the rim and contributes to the longevity of the soundboard crown."

$14,000. Originally $22,600.

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