1915 Mason Hamlin A

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1915 Mason Hamlin A
Well known for its deep tone and rich sound, this Mason Hamlin grand has a traditional case with a classic satin ebony finish.

It has been fully restored and comes with a matching artist bench.

This piano has been restored with the following work:

* New soundboard and bridge caps
* Reboronzed harp
* New pin block
* New strings and tuning pins
* New damper felts and new damper guide rail bushings
* New hammers, shanks, flanges and wippens
* All action parts are meticulously regulated & hammers voiced
* New key bushings
* New keybed felts
* Reconditioned damper underlever system
* Rebuilt pedal and trap system with new felts and leathers
* Case refinished in a satin ebony
* Hardware nickel-plated
* New key tops
* Refinished sharps

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