Black C. Bechstein. I've owned for 50 years. Original

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Black C. Bechstein. I've owned for 50 years. Original
C. Bechstein Professional Grand Piano. Model B measures 203cm - 6'8'. Bearing serial number B 136826. Manufactured in 1926. In very good condition, the action, strings, keys, pinblock, are in perfect working order. Last tuned in 2010 - needs tuning. Original ivory keys, Black finish (showing normal patina of its age. The piano keyboard is excellent. The overall look of the piano is very good. The piano sound is excellent. The piano bench and leather upholstery is excellent. I have owned this piano for 50 years. It has always been maintained in a climate controlled residential environment.

C. Bechstein’s philosophy is rooted in quality, not based in mass production. They employ only the finest quality woods, felts, metals, and other materials and assemble and build their pianos with pride and timeless knowledge, skill and experience.

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