Steinway Model A 2 Restored 2013 by

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Steinway Model A 2 Restored 2013 by
This Steinway A 2 was completely restored in our Orange County, California and is ready for audition and sale. It plays like a dream, and the finish is gorgeous. All STEINWAY parts with Renner Blue Point Hammers(manufacturer used on Hamburg Steinway).New York Steinway hammers may be substituted at no addtional charge.
The Piano Store only sells Steinway Pianos

The Piano Store sells the world’s finest fully restored and rebuilt Steinway pianos. With the largest selection of restored Steinway Pianos on the West Coast , we are located in one showroom in Long Beach, California. As our low prices and high quality provides extreme value to a pianist or someone looking for the most prestigious piano brand , our inventory changes rapidly. Our store is not in a pricey commercial real estate zip code, our advertising budget is minimal so our operating budget is focused on creating the highest quality piano restoration . Our cost/value proposition is solid for a buyer seeking a superior investment grade Steinway. Although new Steinway pianos continue to be the best in the world, their pianos were designed to last decades, and our Steinway Restoration process is meticulous and complete.

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