Beautiful Yamaha G2 Grand available NOW

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Beautiful Yamaha G2 Grand available NOW
Sonya, as I've fondly named her, is a beautiful piano, perfect for playing, songwriting and more. I hate that I have to sell her but she won't fit in the place that I'm moving to.

I am a music professional and have played her and taken care of her for 4 years, along with tuning her 3 times a year. I have used her for recordings and parties and she's happy in every situation.

She comes with:
- A $700 humidifier/dehumidifier system that I had installed to keep her in shape during NYC's fluctuating weather
- A brown cover designed especially for the G2
- AND 6 years left on a 10 year warranty from the original dealer
- A piano tuner that has kept her in good shape and knows her ins and outs

She will definitely be worth the investment.

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