2012 Yamaha GC2 Grand piano 5'8' excellent condition SF

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2012 Yamaha GC2 Grand piano 5'8' excellent condition SF
Hi, I'm selling my grand piano Yamaha GC2 Grand piano. I purchased this piano
in 2012 in pianoplus company. The selling price is $16000 and now I'm cutting the price to $12000

I used the piano for my music study in university in San Francisco and now I have already graduated from the school. Now, I'm going to move to other place for other study and I no longer use the piano anymore.

This Yamaha GC2 Grand piano is in excellent condition with regular tuning, three times a year. No damage key and no scratch. The details of the piano are descripted in the website:

The piano stored is in a clear and well-controlled temperature environment. I used a cover to protect my piano.

I highly recommend this piano because the sound is warm and expressive. The touch is for all kind of player, ranging from beginner to professional musician. please contact me if you are interested in buying this excellent piano. I'll send you a video of the piano playing and hear the sound. My phone number is 510-507-4972.

All the best,


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