Rare RX-2 w/ Italian Ciresa Soundboard

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Rare RX-2 w/ Italian Ciresa Soundboard
For many years, Kawai's model RX-2 has been a favorite among musicians, teachers, professors and piano students of all levels. The piano just does many things well, and a 5'10' in length, it will also accommodate many different spaces from living rooms to choir rooms to practice studios.

Kawai's RX-series is their highest production series with many artist-level features, finer materials and precision craftsmanship, a robust action, wider dynamic range, and overall musical tone. This Kawai RX-2 (originally built in Japan in 2001) takes this quality one step further with the upgrade to an Italian-made Ciresa soundboard.

The soundboard is the heart of the piano, the amplifier and the speaker. Kawai's typical and well-regarded soundboard is made from Sitka spruce. The Ciresa soundboard is, instead, made from European spruce gathered from the Italian Alps in ideal, slow-growth conditions, licensed & numbered from - literally - the same forest that Stradivarius selected wood for his famed violins - the Val di Fiemme.

The same wood & soundboards are frequently found in several of the elite hand-built piano makers of the world including Bösendorfer & Fazioli. The wood is prized for its ability to convey tonal variation & colour.

We hope you will take advantage of this opportunity and enjoy this rare instrument. It is also a fantastic value when you consider that a new 'Plain' Kawai equivalent has a New MSRP of $40,000+ (The Piano Buyer, Fall 2013 - Larry Fine).

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