Steinway Grand Piano, Model A

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Steinway Grand Piano, Model A
Steinway, Model A, 1911 (#145669). A truly magnificent and elegant instrument. Completely restored (completed Jan., 2014). New soundboard, pin-block, strings, new Renner action, refinished in satin ebony. This is truly a magnificent piano. It’s a gem--with an elegant, rich full tone and a very responsive and expressive touch and sound. The work was performed by expert Steinway technicians. It’s one of finest pianos that you will find for this price.

This is what I do. This is my craft and what I love to do, restoring beautiful, vintage pianos. This is a 1911 Steinway, 6’2” grand piano that we completely restored. It has a new soundboard, strings all new moving parts and was refinished in satin ebony. Our objective is to bring the instruments to their highest level of performance, sound production and responsiveness and ultimately make them better than they were originally. This is a truly magnificent instrument with great depth and a rich, crystal clear and elegant sound.

Please call Mr. Duckles at (845) 298-8872 or (917) 748-9497.

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