Yamaha 5’ 8” C2 Disklavier Grand Piano

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Yamaha 5’ 8” C2 Disklavier Grand Piano
Yamaha 5' 8' Disklavier Mark III Series Full-Function Conservatory Grand Piano. The finish is a stunning high-gloss black with ivory keys, it is a Yamaha C2 5’ 8” Conservatory (not home) grand piano with a factory installed Mark III Disklavier system. The specific model number from Yamaha is DC2A and the serial number is: 6074592
This C2 is not a gray market piano intended for Asia use, nor was it purchase from a “factory” wholesaler. I bought it legitimately and paid a high cost for this piece of mind.
I was a professional pianist in a former life and this is my fifth (and favorite) grand piano. This C2 has been meticulously maintained and treated with respect in the short nine moths of ownership. It has no marks, dings, scratches or marks of any kind. The finish is in impeccable condition. I have had it tuned every three months (4 times in total) per Yamaha guidelines with new pianos. The precise actions and keys are perfect and the matching bench (included) looks brand new. I kept the piano away from direct sunlight, heating/cooling sources, and the room in which it is stored is at a constant 50% humidity year round.
I have all the original factory manuals and eight CD Roms of music. In addition to what was provided by Yamaha, I have over 5,000 professional live Midi recordings of classical piano music (a small portion played by me, but mostly by known artists like Richter, Horowitz, Busoni, etc.). I have the music stored on my laptop and connected to the Midi Input on back of the control unit via a Yamaha USB cable.

I am forced to sell this piano after such short time due to a move abroad for work. I simply have no room for a grand piano in my new home and I don’t dare put it into a storage unit due to damage from humidity and temperature changes.

Below are the specifications of this piano taken directly from the Yamaha Website

Disklavier™ Mark III Series Full-Function Models

Recording and auto-playback functions
New PianoSmart™ audio/video synchronization
Compact control unit with floppy and CD drives
Built-in amplified stereo speaker system
Built-in Silent System™
Abundant memory and programming features
Built-in SmartKey™ play-assist system
Interference-free optical key, hammer* and pedal sensors
XG instrumental tone generator
Direct computer interface
MIDI and AUX connections

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