LOWER PRICE: Beautiful 1868 Steinway Rosewood Upright Piano

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LOWER PRICE: Beautiful 1868 Steinway Rosewood Upright Piano
I have an 1868 Steinway Upright Rosewood Piano for sale. This piano is a rare and beautiful example of an early Victorian piano by Steinway, built just a few years after the company starting producing uprights in 1865. It was professionally restored (with custom-made hammers and strings) and also professionally refinished about thirty years ago. The cabinet is in great shape. I would rate the external condition as a '9 out of 10' As far as the action, there are about 20 keys that are sticking right now, which greatly affects its playability. It has not been played for over 20 years. However, with some attention from a technician, I think it could play like new. Note: This model hss 85 keys.
I've seen a similar piano (completely restored) on two different websites - one piano built in 1866 was identical except that there was no grillwork – it had the same cutouts on the front as mine, but had solid wood panels instead of the grillwork and red cloth. It sold for $17,000. Another, which was identical, except that it had been sprayed with black lacquer, was listed at $18,000.

This is an opportunity to own a rare, vintage Steinway piano at an unbelievable price.

I cannot deliver. The buyer will need to arrange to have the piano moved.

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