1960 Bechstein Upright Piano

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1960 Bechstein Upright Piano
Beautiful Upright Bechstein 1960 Piano. Great condition, well maintained, and regularly tuned. Any reasonable offer will be considered.

Notes from Appraisal
Description & Comments
Cherry stain finish. Wood grain visible. Good Condition
Cabinetry - Nice case fittings. Front legs supported by toe blocks. Good Condition
Plating - Hardware Better than expected for age. Good Condition
Veneer - Minor chipped veneer surface on front of piano. Easily repairable. Good Condition

Back Assembly & Rim - Wooden back with full length posts. Good Condition
Plate - Traditional harp-style plate. Excellent finish. Excellent Condition
Soundboard & Ribs - Solid spruce -- close, diagonal grain. Ribs in good condition. Good Condition
Pinblock - Good. Concealed behind plate. Good Condition
Bridges - Healthy. No graphite on cap. Bass bridge apron. Good Condition
Agraffes - In place of pressure bar. 13 singles, 17 doubles, 58 triples. Excellent Condition

Keyframe - Very little debris. Paper and felt punchings secure. Good. Good Condition
Keys - No warping. Move freely on pins w/ minimal side movement. Good Condition
Keytops - Beautiful 2 piece ivory. No damage, and securely glued. Excellent Condition
Key bushings - Red felt. Better than expected. Good Condition
Whippens - German action parts -- RENNER. Good Condition
Butts, Shanks, Flanges - Hammer butt flange cords complete -- not broken. Good Condition
Damper Felts & Levers - #33 ringing on treble side. Requires minor regulation. Good Condition
Felts +Leathers - Very good for age. Good Condition
Trapwork - 2 pedals: Soft pedal and damper pedal. Wood levers, quiet. Good Condition
Bridal Straps - Complete. Good condition. Good Condition
Regulation - Playable throughout. Needs minor work to regulate low tenor. Good Condition

Strings - Little to no indication of corrosion. Assumed to be original. Good Condition
Hammers - German. 'Louis Renner Stuttgart' stamped on hammer #29. Fair Condition
Tuning Pin - Torque Bass: 110 - 140, mid-range and treble: 110 inch lbs. Good Condition
Pitch & Tone Quality - Pretty good tuning bass -- treble. Close to pitch 440 Hz. Good Condition

Bench - Duet seat, matching cherry finish with black vinyl cushion. Good Condition

Additional Comments
Classic style with lots of hand-crafted details. Better than average musical condition
for age. Cosmetic flaws on front of case can be repaired/ concealed by furniture
specialist. Piano's materials and construction are consistent with C. Bechstein's
reputation as a 'Best Brand' piano maker.

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