Hard-to-find 2009 Yamaha U1-SG Silent Acoustic Piano

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Hard-to-find 2009 Yamaha U1-SG Silent Acoustic Piano
Please do not confuse this model with the standard Yamaha U1 as the U1-SG is a special model that must be custom ordered from Japan. This model includes all the benefits of owning an acoustic U1 piano with the added features of Yamaha's redesigned Silent technology.

The Silent System allows players to "switch off" the audible acoustic sound on their pianos using a mechanism that does not restrict the full motion of the striking hammer. A sample sound can then be heard through a quarter inch jack that will connect with headphones--making it ideal for late night practice--or speakers/PA for studio and stage use. The addition of the SG Silent technology takes the previous Silent System several steps further, vastly improving the piano sound, adding additional instrument sounds (such as harpsichord, organ and strings) and offering an easy-to-record system.

The Silent System is factory installed using state-of-the-art optical sensors so there is no interference with the natural keystroke of the acoustic piano as can be found with retrofitted systems.

- USB-to-Device Connection (for USB memory)
- MIDI IN/OUT with USB adapter for easy connectivity
- AUX IN/OUT via 3.5 mm stereo jack
- Headphone Out x2 (via 1/4" TRS jack)

Make: Yamaha
Model: U1-SG
Serial No.: U1-Silent 6235561
Year: 2009
Size: 48" Upright Piano (48" H x 60" W x 24" D)
Condition: Like new, excellent, regularly tuned and cleaned, and no work needed
Country of Origin: Japan
Moved: Twice
Pets: None
Children: 1 baby
Owners: Piano majors in college, non-smokers, no previous owners
Location: Urbandale
Moving Costs: Buyer is responsible for all moving costs
Resale Value: $11,500 (this piano has not depreciated since purchase)


For Product Description/Specifications, the link below can give all pertinent information:


For a demonstration of this model, please visit the embedded YouTube link.

What makes the piano we're selling unique from other similar U1-SGs?

The U1-SG that we are selling was shipped directly from Yamaha's warehouse in Japan to be showcased at the 2009 NAMM convention in Anaheim, CA. Because NAMM is the world's most important convention for the music products industry, Yamaha's technicians hand selected the best piano at their warehouse to be displayed to potential retail buyers. As such, this piano can truly be considered the best of the best for what Yamaha has to offer in upright pianos.

Studio Students: Yamaha U1s are the best selling and most teacher recommended upright piano model. Piano teachers helping students shop for a piano recommend the U1 more than any other model. With the added silent feature, a student can practice at home anytime they want for however long without distracting others.

Conservatory/university piano students: No more fighting for a practice room. The acoustics of this piano will never disappoint regardless of what period or genre you are playing. (The authentic harpsichord sound will inspire you when playing Baroque pieces. ) For those of you who want to practice at 2 a.m. and not bother roommates or neighbors, it's as easy as turning on the switch, locking the middle pedal, and putting on headphones. And with the instant record/play-back feature, it's easy to listen back to your performance.

Professional musicians/composers: You can connect the tone generator to any electronic device (computer or otherwise) that accepts MIDI IN/OUT or USB. There are also AUX IN/OUT jacks for live performances.

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