Make an offer on the exquisite soundbox/light touch Grand

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Make an offer on the exquisite soundbox/light touch Grand
Feurich History
In 1851 Julius Feurich introduced the world's first piano with an under damper action. With this development he was 50 years ahead of his time, this is a construction principle that all modern piano builders use to this day.
FEURICH pianos represent the highest level of German piano manufacturing, recalling a golden age of traditional German production. All the current models draw on the rich heritage of the original FEURICH designs, but are being constantly improved.
An important aspect of our traditional method is to preserve the typical FEURICH sound, very clear but with a refined romantic tone. As FEURICH has been producing pianos since 1851 it is one of the world’s oldest piano producing companies, the FEURICH brand is one of the top 10 piano brands in the world wide A category.
Construction of Grands
High-quality felts: All felts used in the keyboard and mechanism are produced in the factories Wurzen in Germany and Hainsworth in England, and used according to the proper needs and purposes, guaranteeing the best application of materials in the tone and a steady regulation!
Wood: Select types of wood are kept in our specially designed dry storage and prepared for use.
The result: climate-resistant sounding boards and action parts!
Strings: The stainless-steel wire by Paulello gives a superb even tonal spectrum, as well as an improvement on the inner damping. It also speeds up the stabilizing process.
Keyboards: The grand piano keyboards are traditionally made of solid Austrian spruce from manufacturer Tonewood.
Action: We use high-quality parts and value precise assemblage. Every single action of our uprights and grand’s is tested for durability by play-in devices.
The advantage: long-lasting actions with precise touch!
Cases: All the models are of a fine form and equipped with the reliable open-work FEURICH music stand.
The result: the tone reflection is not compromised by the music stand.
Pedal system: A robust pedal system, easy to take off. Alternatively with the fourth pedal, i.e. the „pédale harmonique“. Cast out of solid brass – noiseless.
Bearing blocks and bottom plate: The with CNC router machines perfectly milled parts and glued pins ensure the series‘ high quality, thus guaranteeing a sturdy build and reliability in voicing and tone for years to come.
Sound board: The climate-resistant build has excellent durability and an exquisite tone.
Production of bass strings: The traditionally hand-wound bass strings guarantee a pure, soaring bass.

Only a robust, durable instrument gives pleasure for decades to come.

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